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11 Makeup Mistakes You don’t realize you’re Making Part3

Mistake No. 8: Using pencil on your eyebrows “A penciled eyebrow looks painted and weird (hello Joan Crawford),”
Patel says. Nevertheless, many women still go this route to fill in brows. A better option: “Choose an eye shadow color that matches your hair color and apply with a thin, stiff, angled brush using tiny strokes,” Patel says. We confess: “I used to use pencil to fill in my brows and I recently switched to a waxy powder,” says Meghan. “I can’t tell you the difference it makes! With the pencil, you could totally tell that I did some fill-in work. This waxy powder is so much easier to use, easier to fix if I mess up, and looks way more natural.”

Mistake No. 9: Wearing black eyeliner in the daytime “Here is a general rule: dark colors shrink and recede,” Patel says. “Light colors advance and bring forward.” That’s why she recommends skipping black eyeliner (especially underneath eyes) during the day, so your eyes look more open and awake. We confess: “Yikes, I do this almost every day,” says Sarah. “I do like how the liner defines my eyes. I think I look tired without some liner on. But I will admit that black can be a bit harsh for daytime, so maybe a switch to brown liner is in order. Same effect without the goth undertones.”

Mistake No. 10: Wearing glitter“The thing that bothers me the most about glitter in makeup, besides the fact that it
shouldn’t be worn by anyone over the age of 14 (fabulous club kids get an exception here), is that it travels on your face, leaving strange sparkly spots where they shouldn’t be,” Patel says. Instead of chunky glitter, she recommends shadows with finely milled shimmer — used sparingly, of course. We confess: “I got super into glitter in junior high when I discovered Tony & Tina, this fabulous line that specialized in glitter-packed makeup,” says assistant editor Sharon. “While their products were amazing (sadly discontinued), I unfortunately used glitter on more than one area at a time. So … glittery eye shadow, glittery eyeliner, sparkly blush, and glitter-infused lip gloss. Yowza. In hindsight I probably looked like I got into a fight with a tub of glitter — and lost.”

Mistake No. 11: Going nuts with “luminizing” products“Luminous particles have been added to everything in the past few years, most notably foundations, powders, and highlighting products,” Patel says. “One or two such products can make a woman look fresh and glowing. Too many can make her look very, very strange.” Think glowing head on a matte body, or like you spent your morning leaning over an oil vat — not exactly sexy. Patel suggests limiting your illuminating products to these areas: cheekbones, inner eye corners, and (if used sparingly) under the eye. We confess: “I had this great Stila luminizing powder — I wore it everywhere, every day,” says Beth. “It was part of my uniform. Then I caught my reflection in really strong daylight one time, and I realized how it was highlighting every bump, scar, and
wrinkle on my face. From then on, it was a nighttime thing only — and even then, only when I was going to a darkly lit place.”

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