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Catherine Zeta-Jones, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, and Cindy Crawford share with us their little tips and tricks!

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, and Cindy Crawford share with us their little tips and tricks!

Read this article and you’ll find them!

What is there in common among women like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, and Cindy Crawford?
Other than being the prettiest women who shine on screen and red carpets, they also use products to take care of their skin and hair, and
you know what? You can find them in your nearest supermarket!

In spite of their wealth, our celebrities choose natural products because they protect them the most as well as having some healthy habits
to improve their life quality –and these are products and habits we can try too. Maybe you are tired of reading the same natural tricks and
advices about beauty, like:

  • ·    

Drink lots of water (ok, it’s hard to start, but when you’re in, you can realize how healthy you feel)

  • ·    

Eat salads and fruits (it’s reasonable, it’s better to eat them than putting them all over your face)

  • ·    

Sleep at least 8 hours a day (everybody needs to relax after a long day work, even you!)

  • ·    

Don’t forget to take off your make up before you go to bed. It doesn’t matter how tired you feel, it’s a must. No doubt.

But if you really want to look pretty, FEBstore will reveal some tricks that our favorite celebrities have. Even if they don’t seem to be
“nice”, you just have to see those pretty women and think: “hey! It can be possible”.

First, we have Catherine Zeta-Jones who uses olive oil to moisturize and avoid split ends to keep healthy her long and dark
hair. Is it so simple? It could be, olive oil has ingredients to nourish, strengthenth, and condition your hair.

Courtney Cox, our dear “Monica” in Friends, uses vegetables and fruits to help her skin look smooth and fresh. She
drinks squeezed cherry juice to keep herself young and beautiful. Cherries smooth skin texture and avoid its wear & tear.

Jennifer Love-Hewitt, 28 years old, is not worried about wrinkles or lines, BUT she has to deal with acne. So every night
before sleeping, she puts a dab of toothpaste over her pimples and spots to dry and heal them.

Finally, Cindy Crawford uses a simple mix to moisturize her skin. And you can get it from your fridge! She prefers to use
homemade creams instead of those made in labs, so she mixes mineral water and milk in an atomizer to keep her face skin moisturized and

All these tricks are amazing, aren’t they? You asked for them, and FEBstore delivered!

And you know what? It’s time for you to steal them all!

Next week FEBstore will give some more revealing tips to keep you updated about the latest beauty secrets our celebrities hide…. don’t miss

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