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How to Cure Dark Armpits

How to Cure Dark Armpits

We go to great lengths to look after our armpits. Not only do we continuously throw on deodorants and antiperspirants in an effort to make
them smell nice, but men and women alike spend time every day removing the area from that area.

So after all that care is taken, a lot of men and women are discouraged to find that their armpit area seems to chronically be darker than
the rest of their body. This often leads to embarrassment, and even causes some men and women to completely avoid certain articles of
clothing that would otherwise put their darkened armpits on display.
There are a number of reasons why the armpit area may be darker than the rest of your body, some of them being major health concerns. Some
of these include:

  • Diabetes type II
  • Obesity
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Tumors
  • Medications

Sometimes your armpits will appear darker than the rest of your body because you have fair skin and the hair growing beneath the surface is
dark (try waxing as this will at least initially pull the dark hairs out from the root and the skin).You can start getting rid of you dark
armpit area today with some simple home remedies. One that you can do today is use a lemon. Cut a lemon so that you have a slice, and then
rub it right over the armpit area. Lemons naturally lighten the skin, cleanse the skin, and they have antimicrobial properties which help
prevent any continued darkening of your armpit area.Alternatively, you can take aloe vera gel and rub it under your arm pits, or you can try
using baking soda under your arms. The benefit to baking soda is that it not only can help lighten your armpits, but it will also help
absorb any sweat and odor.Another great way to try and treat your dark underarms yourself is to take fish oil supplements on a daily basis.
You can find fish oil capsules in any grocery store or natural help food store.It’s also important to keep the area as clean as possible and
to wear clothing that is made from natural fibers. Excessive sweating or tight fitting clothing can be the cause behind your dark armpit
woes, so try cleansing the armpit area twice a day and wear clothing that is made from cotton, wool, and other natural fibers.If you are
looking for a medical type of treatment for your dark underarms, there’s good news for you: you can receive over the counter treatments from
your doctor. There are oral medications that you can take, such as isotretinoin, and prescription creams that contain vitamin A that can be
applied to the area to help lighten up the skin.Lastly, if none of the above seem to be helping, it is possible to opt for laser
dermabrasion of the armpit area. This will greatly help reduce the darkening of your armpits.

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