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How to Get the Best From Your CHI Flat Iron

Farouk’s CHI Flat Iron is simply the best hair straightener on the market. It is very easy to use, with a 10 foot swivel head cable which makes it even easier. The cable is longer than on most other brands, and the swivel head makes it so much easier to manage and manipulate.

You will find the CHI hair straightener much quicker to use than other irons, it does the job efficiently and leaves the hair silky smooth. It works for all hair types, from really dry, frizzy hair, even ethnic hair, right down to hair that is barely wavy, but needs a little smoothing. More dry frizzy hair will need protective product to stop it drying out too much.

1. The best way to use your CHI flat iron is to take small meshes (sections) of hair, 2 to 3 inches wide and 1/4 inch to ½ inch thick. The thicker your hair, the smaller meshes you should take.

2. Slide one plate under the mesh, close to the root without touching the scalp. Close the plates and slide slowly down the length of the hair to the tip. When your hair is really curly, go more slowly, allowing the heat to penetrate more fully, but don’t let it burn. It is best to go over it a second time, than risk burning your hair.

3. With shorter hair, it’s best to lift the hair up right from the scalp, and slide the irons upwards away from the scalp. This will allow you to more easily separate one mesh from another..

4. With longer hair of course this is not possible, because your arms wouldn’t be long enough! But you can start by making a parting just above your ear, sweeping everything to the other side of your head, and starting on the small amount that is left around this ear, gradually bringing a little more down on top of it. This way you won’t miss any..

The CHI Hair Straightener does a very good job even if your hair is already fairly straight. You will find just gliding the irons gently down the length of your hair will give you a silky smooth finish. When using any CHI Tools, allow the hair to cool before brushing or combing. This will ensure that your style will last longer.

Your CHI flat iron will also work as a curling tong. For this you would point the plates downwards, take a small mesh, about ½ to 1 inch square, and again starting close to the roots, wind the hair around one plate all the way from the root to the tip, then close the plates. After about 10 seconds, open the plates and slide them out of the curl, leaving the hair in the curl shape until it is cool. This can also be done from halfway down the length of the hair, if you only want the bottom curled.

Among the many CHI tools on the market, there are curling tongs which will make this job even easier, but curling can be done with the flat irons with a little bit of practice.

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