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How to Keep Nails from Breaking

How to Keep Nails from Breaking

Nail care is important when you’re trying to grow out your fingernails, maintain length or have just gotten a fabulous manicure. Breaking
your nails is always a risk in everyday life. Give your nails some extra assistance to keep them strong and health. 


1. Don’t use your fingernails as tools. Picking, opening and scraping with them encourage nail tips to break and peel.

2. Wear gloves when cleaning or gardening. Many household chemicals are harsh on your nails, and any rough activity exposes
nails to breakage.
3. Don’t bite your nails, and don’t peel off old nail polish. You nails will weaken and become brittle, which increases the
chances for them to break.

4. Apply a coat of nail polish, colored or clear. Ordinary polish can help retain moisture in the nails, and there are even
types of nail polish formulated to strengthen your nails. Don’t pick at the polish, and remove old polish and apply a fresh coat after a
week. Avoid polish removers with acetone, which dries out the nails.

    Moisturize your hands twice a day, rubbing lotion into your nails and cuticles. Nails need moisturizer just as your
    skin does. Reapply after washing your hands and removing nail polish.

      Maintain a healthy diet. Get plenty of protein, and eat whole grains and leafy greens for iron. Milk and eggs
      provide zinc as well as protein. Taking biotin, a B-complex vitamin, in supplement form can benefit your hair as well as your nails.

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