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How to Prevent Cavities & Gum Disease

Dental health is a concern for every human being. Humans must eat to survive and must use their teeth to chew their food. An unhealthy mouth can severely impede this process. Modern dental hygiene products and routine dental checkups can drastically reduce problems such as cavities and gum disease.

Regular dental checkups are strongly recommended by dentists and oral surgeons. By following a few basic tips, everyone can improve their overall dental health.

Instructions Things You’ll Need Toothbrush Floss Mouthwash
1. Brush your teeth regularly, at least twice daily after eating breakfast and before going to sleep at night. If you
habitually use tobacco or drink coffee, then you may want to brush your teeth at least three times a day, as these products can stain tooth enamel.
2. Floss regularly. Many dentists recommend flossing after each meal, particularly after eating foods such as popcorn, meat and nuts, which tend to stick to hard-to-reach places in the mouth.
3. Use a mouthwash every time you brush and floss and after your meals. Mouthwash, used regularly, will kill bacteria and reduce your chance of developing gum disease.
4. Schedule regular dental checkups. To maintain adequate dental hygiene, checkups should be more frequent for children, typically every 3 months, and, for adults, usually every 6 months.
5. Eat foods that are low in sugar and starch to lessen your chance of getting cavities. Ask your dentist about foods that
can promote dental health, such as fruits like apples or strawberries or green vegetable staples like celery and broccoli that are high in iron, calcium and vitamin A. Cheese, milk and yogurt are also great foods that promote dental health.

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