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Julia Roberts & Michelle Yeoh’s advice on how to keep it simple when it comes to taking care of your skin and nails.

Do you want more beauty tricks? You asked for them, well will get’ em for ya!

Do you remember how Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Love Hewitt took care of their skin face?

Well, skin face is a sensitive issue for all women. Most of us dream of having a healthy, smooth, and radiant skin: especially when we have a special event where it is a must to look gorgeous. Where can we start?

A well-known advice says that any make-up needs a clean skin face. That’s a rule anybody can’t avoid. We can use that soap or cream we have in our bathroom cabinet… or we can follow Michelle Yeoh’s trick: she rinses her face with lemon juice and water. Lemon is a good astringent that cleans all impurities.

Once your make-up is ready, you think about accessories. The best one we have is our hair. Do you notice every time there’s a red carpet event, our celebrities walk proudly of how they look, but suddenly someone just says: What a bad hairstyle! Just check all the fashion reviews and you will see how important it is to choose the right hairstyle. Most of our celebrities prefer a shoulder length hair with layers; it will give you a youthful look. Just like our dear “Rachel” from one of the most successful comedy series “Friends”.

Do you want one more trick from Jennifer Aniston? She follows Courtney Cox’s advice: she lines her eyes
with a matchstick!

Do we have other natural accessories? Sure, we call them Nails. By now you should know that healthy nails are a product of what we eat. You can steal some of your food to take care of your nails, like Julia Roberts. She soaks her nails in olive oil which helps nails stay stronger and softens cuticles. If you have stained nails and fingers, you can add some lemon juice to olive oil for soaking.

Lemon, matchsticks, olive oil… products we can get in our kitchen. What are you waiting for? Have you noticed, we just unveiled Julia Roberts, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Yeoh, and many other gorgeous celebs beauty secrets in our past articles… Still want more? Well, Sit tight, go ahead and try one of these rare tips as we go fetch some more revealing celebrity beauty secrets for you! Have a great week girls!

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