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Nail Care Tips

One large area of the modeling industry is named ‘parts modeling’, comprising those models whose legs, body or hands are used for adverts that require only a small part of the model’s body. Hand models are a great resource for beauty tips, because their career depends on the beauty of their skin and nails.Strong and beautiful nails are a great sign that you’re a healthy person. Good nail care is not only good for any close-up photos you might do, but is an important part of being an attractive person.

Stronger NailsWearing nail polish actually strengthens your nails. If your nails are delicate and easily broken, try to
wear nail polish as often as possible. Using a good clear nail polish every day will give your nails a great natural look and strengthen them in the long run too. Here’s a good tip for making your nail polish dry faster – dip your nails in ice water a minute after application. Alternatively, put on a light coating of baby oil.

One thing you should be careful off – never open soda cans with your nails. Instead, slip a knife under the ring pull and lever it up gently. There’s no sense in getting beautiful nails then ruining them on a can of Coke! Exposing nails to water causes them to expand and contract, contributing to weakened nails; Wearing a set of rubber gloves while cleaning is a good idea to protect them.

Making Small Nails Appear Larger If you have short or narrow nails, clear nail polish sometimes only makes your nails appear small. A darker nail polish will make them seem narrower, and hence longer. For those of you with very small nails, using a nail polish with a metallic color can make them appear larger. Moisturizing Nails Julia Roberts soaks her nails in olive oil for a few minutes each week. Why?

Olive oil moisturizes your nails without weakening them, and softens your cuticles too. It also prevents “hang nails” that are caused by dry skin. Softening Cuticles Never cut off cuticles or calluses, they will just grow back harder and you run the risk of infection. It’s far better to soften them if you can. Just as with nails, dipping in olive oil will make them more supple, softer and less prone to splitting.

Another good tip for softer hands is to dip them in milk for 3 minutes. This is a great tip to do before your manicure.
Bubbly Nail Polish If you keep getting bubbles in your polish, remember not to shake the bottle before use, this just
increases the bubbles. If you want to mix it up, try rolling it between your hands first. Split Nails If you’re one of those people who suffer from consistently split nails, here are some great tips.

Never grow them too long, as this just makes them more vulnerable. About one quarter of a centimeter beyond your finger is a good length. Make sure that they are always neatly filed into a nice curved shape. Your nails lose moisture a lot faster than your hands, so always keep them very well moisturized. Also keep your use of polish remover to a minimum – the alcohol it contains can suck out moisture.

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