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The CHI Silk Infusion User’s Guide!

If your hair is in need of some tender loving care, then CHI Silk Infusion reconstructuring treatment is the perfect
solution for you. CHI Silk Infusion is a unique, one of a kind, reconstructuring treatment locks moisture deep into the hair using cationic hydration, as well as strengthening the inner structures of the individual hairs. It is enriched with pure silk and two different proteins, which provides the hair with softness, manageability and shine, all day long.

How To Use CHI Silk Infusion

CHI Silk Infusion works best when used in compliance with CHI’s other professional hair products. After washing your hair with CHI shampoo and CHI conditioner, apply a small amount of CHI Silk Infusion Treatment evenly through your hair, before styling. Then style your hair as normal or in any way you wish to achieve a fabulous look. CHI Silk Infusion Treatment will help protect your hair from thermal styling and the environment, and will not damage your
hair in any way as it is 100% alcohol free. The leave-in treatment will leave your hair beautifully shiny without any build up what so ever.

Protecting and nourishing your hair has never been so easy. After just a few CHI Silk Infusion applications, you will
notice a dramatic improvement in your hair’s condition and overall health.

When To Use CHI Silk Infusion

CHI Silk Infusion is so versatile that you can use it every day after washing and conditioning your hair, or just keep it
for those extra special occasions. Either way you will be guaranteed to have silky soft, healthy, manageable hair after each use. The reconstructuring treatment rebuilds your hair strength by repairing any internal and external damage to the hair with the added wheat and soy proteins. The pure silk proteins penetrate your hair to leave it soft and shiny, leaving behind any residue, unlike other products. You can’t go wrong with CHI Silk Infusion. It’s the perfect treatment for tired, dull, lank and damaged hair. It will ultimately brighten up your hair and your day!

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